Listen To Your Heart.

Learning the piano for the song, Listen To Your Heart, by D.H.T. A beautiful song, I remember listening to it on the radio when I was little. And it’s fairly easy to play. Should be fun to learn.

On another note, check out the song Fast Lane by Bad Meets Evil (Eminem and Royce Da 5″9). I am in love with it, can’t wait for their album, “Hell: The Sequel” to drop on June 14, 2011. What Eminem album isn’t crammed with phenomenal hip-hop?

I am also still planning on making a video tutorial on editing people in Photoshop. I think first I’ll focus on one about making layer masks, since that was the most difficult part of Photoshop for me to get a grip on.

On a completely different note, I have had problems with my sinuses for months now, and finally got time to book a doctor’s appointment.

Upon seeing the doctor, I found out I have post-nasal drip, or PND. PND is commonly caused by allergies, and gives tickle in the back of my throat. Or on days that it’s worse, a feeling that my throat is swollen. It usually leads to other things, like constant tiredness and throat infections. Which explains why I’ve had a few run-ins now with strep throat. So I went out and got some x-rays and blood tests done. I loathe needles. It’s funny how it works really. It’s not the actual needle that’s the scary part, but the fact that they make me faint is. Even the idea of fainting is enough to make me faint sometimes. I feel like I’ve went through a lot of effort just for all of this. The ironic part is that I used to laugh at people who seemed to complain about their allergies. Looks like the joke is on me now.

Finally I got another appointment booked for June 2. Hurrah! What a breakthrough! Right? Wrong. Just found out my parent cancelled the appointment. Okay… I’m feeling like their first priority is not my health.

So frustrating.

On top of that, the cute guy that lives right by me, that I chat with quite often on the city bus, just told me he likes men.

Ciao,                                                                                                                                             Shavonne