A post a day

While browsing someone’s blog, I noticed they had posted something interesting every single day, citing a blog called The Daily Post as their inspiration. I decided to check it out, and wow. Everyday, it provides a topic/starting point for you to blog about. It looks pretty fun, so I’m going to give it a shot.

So, it begins! I am going to try writing a post, once a day, everyday. Looking forward to it.



P.s. – Diggin’ this new goldfish background I found for the blog.

July Memories

Final image.

For the first part of July, I traveled with my family to La Loche, Saskatchewan. Under the porch we found an adorable litter of puppies. Sadly the puppies’ mother barely acknowledged their presence. The puppy in the picture above was the weakest of the litter, and my favorite. He was an absolute sweetheart. His personality really began to show at the end of our stay.

My brother took the shot above. The first image is the original, and the second is the one I’ve touched up. I took out the reddish tint, and then evened out my skin tone, and smoothed my skin. Finally I touched up the eyebrows subtlety. It’s cute how we got a photo at the exact moment the puppy decided to yawn.

Touched up.

This photo is of me combing the beach for shells at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. The day was overcast, windy, and not so warm. I’m hoping August brings nicer weather for Canada.

The first shot again had a slight red tinge, so I removed that. I also evened out my hair, slimmed down my shirt, and tucked in the sides of my shorts that were slightly sticking out. I then finished off with the name of the place in the top right corner.

As always, click on the photos to see the full, much more clear version. More photos and edits coming soon!



Learning Guitar

I finally pulled my guitar out from the closet, and tried teaching myself some chords. So far I know the “D” chord, “B Minor” chord, “A” chord, and the “G” chord. I’m trying to learn the song Bitter Heart by Zee Avi. At this point, I only can play the first two lines:

     D           		 Bm
Sun rays come down as seen when they hit the ground,
                G                       A
Children spinning around till they fall down down down.

There’s so many variations of chords that I’m not entirely sure which ones to pick. So I’ve been just picking and playing sort of at random the ones that I can right now.

I have a new respect for people who play the guitar. It’s harder than I thought, and after practicing for a while, my fingers feel raw.

I think I’ll go play Sims 3 now.

Ciao,                                                                                                                                               Shavonne.

My tips for hair and lashes

I want Carrie Underwood’s hair. Perfect curls and shine for daaays...Speaking of curls, curling your hair isn’t too hard if you own decent curling iron. But shine is something that some people struggle with, and its not always something that you can just buy. I’ve  gotten compliments before from random people on how shiny my hair is, so I’ll share my techniques for achieving that healthy Pantene commercial shine.

If you can stand it, rinse it in cold water. It’s really not the most pleasant end to a bath or shower, but it adds instant shine to your hair. 

Tip number 2! Keep up on your vitamins. It really helps that new hair growing in to stay shiner and strong. 


Now I want to talk eyelashes.


I think we’ve all owned that horrible eyelash curler before. The one that takes 10 tries before you’ve actually managed to get some curl? Yeah, I know I have. Lots. But if you’re unable to go out and buy another, and need a quick ASAP fix, just get out your ol’ straightener, preferably one that heats up to hot temperatures quickly. I use the BaByliss Nano Titanium straightener at home. (P.s. It’s one the best straighteners I’ve owned. Professional salons use this brand, and for good reason!)

So take that eyelash curler, and heat up the “head” by clamping it in between the straightener. Right now I am using the Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler. I do not recommend it, it takes plenty of extra effort to get a decent curl. It’s straight-up shitty. One of the worst eyelash curlers I’ve owned.

My straightener is typically set to 390º F. I have the eyelash curler clamped in between the plates for 10 seconds or less, wait a moment, and then gently touch it to the area underneath my eye. Gently. Be cautious. You don’t want to burn yourself in this area, trust me.

And then, I simply curl my eyelashes normally. The heat causes the eyelash curler to act as a mini curling iron, and so there you have it.! Be careful not to overdo it though, or you may “kink” your eyelashes, which looks awful.

Ciao, Shavonne.



And here is the result! I’ve touched up the photo of the girl in the last post, you can see a dramatic difference in her smile, and around her eyes. Her hair is also a tinge more red, and her skin tone is more flattering.

This is fun.

(P.s. Click the photo for a more clear version.)

Tall White Chocolate Mocha…and a photo.

Life isn’t complete without a daily dose of Starbucks. Drinking a White Chocolate Mocha right now as I’m posting this….mmmmm.

Okay so I found a picture of a girl on this website. Now to see what I can change (for practice! I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this individual’s face or photo :))

First off, the lighting in this photo is decent, which makes it more straightforward to edit right from the start. The main points in this photo I’d like to fix would be her hair (lots of strays, unevenly shaped), the area around her eyes (eyelashes, the lines underneath), and her teeth (whitening).

Check back later to see the result!