Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

On August 26th, 2011, The Daily Post Photo Challenge theme is: Up. 

Click on any of the images to see them full size.

To the top of the stairs.

Looking up the stairs to where my cat is hanging out.


Caught by a strand of web.

Hundreds of plant seeds were in the air the day I took this picture, continuing a delicate late-summer journey up into the cloudless sky. This one remained, caught by a thin strand of cobweb.


Here’s to hoping summer lasts forever.

25 °C/77 °F, outside today. Not a cloud in the sky. I laid down on the front lawn using the grass as a cushion for this shot. The single tree in our front yard makes for an OK sunshade.

A post a day

While browsing someone’s blog, I noticed they had posted something interesting every single day, citing a blog called The Daily Post as their inspiration. I decided to check it out, and wow. Everyday, it provides a topic/starting point for you to blog about. It looks pretty fun, so I’m going to give it a shot.

So, it begins! I am going to try writing a post, once a day, everyday. Looking forward to it.



P.s. – Diggin’ this new goldfish background I found for the blog.