Learning Guitar

I finally pulled my guitar out from the closet, and tried teaching myself some chords. So far I know the “D” chord, “B Minor” chord, “A” chord, and the “G” chord. I’m trying to learn the song Bitter Heart by Zee Avi. At this point, I can play the first two lines:

     D           		 Bm
Sun rays come down as seen when they hit the ground,
                G                       A
Children spinning around till they fall down down down.


There’s so many variations of chords that I’m not entirely sure which ones to pick. So I’ve been just picking and playing at random the ones that I can manage right now.

I have a new respect for people who play the guitar. It’s harder than I thought, and after practicing for a while, my fingers feel raw.

I think I’ll go play Sims 3 now.

Ciao,                                                                                                                                               Shavonne.

Another dance song? NO. PLEASE.

557 songs on my iPod, and still counting. I’m looking for some new ones, feel free to let me know some of your favorites. At the moment, some of my favorite Canadian artists are Classified and Chris Raw. They have some amazing hip-hop songs, and are very talented. Give them a listen if you love real hip-hop. Also, check out this website and vote for Chris Raw if you enjoy his music. Currently, he is #2 out of thousands of unsigned artists. His music is free, and every voter gets a free t-shirt. Another great thing about the website is you can take a look at tons of other unsigned artists, and get amazing music that no one else has. Underground music is always interesting.

The #1 song now in iTunes (Canada) is Give Me Everything by Pitbull, feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer. It pushed Rolling in the Deep by ADELE to #2. That’s sad. Give Me Everything is generic, uncreative, and really does nothing for the dance genre. Sorry Pitbull and Ne-Yo (Who the heck is Nayer?), but this is definitely not one of your best. It feels like you were trying to capitalize on how popular dance songs are right now by churning out one that sounds just like the others.

I have to manually accept each comment that’s posted on this blog. So sorry if it takes a day or so for them to get up. I keep forgetting to check…

I’d like for an upcoming post to feature a Photoshop tutorial, complete with a video. There isn’t very many good ones out there on some topics, and if there is, it’s either unnecessarily complicated, or hard to understand. Maybe I’ll make a YouTube account as well, we’ll see. Could be fun.



Great & Random Songs

Some great songs for you to check out below!


Listen to “Walk Away from the Sun” here!

1. Walk Away from the Sun, By Seether. One of the few songs I still call my favorite after so many years. The album is Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, complete with a creepy little album cover. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing song, great lyrics, and guitar. I also am loving his voice. The genre is post-grunge/alternative metal. I’m not usually into those genres, but somehow this song just works for me. Give it a listen!


Listen to “Cinderella Man” here!

2. Cinderella man, by Eminem. Phenomenal song. Honestly, very song by Eminem is. To all hip hop fans, I guarantee you will love this song, and most likely the entire album. The album was the most best-selling album of 2010, and is one of my favorites of Eminem’s. However, it is really not one of those songs you would listen to over and over and still enjoy it.



Listen to “She Don’t Wanna Man” here!

3. She Don’t Wanna Man, by Asher Roth feat. Keri Hilson. Extremely catchy song, Asher Roth is a creative rapper, and Keri Hilson is a great singer. They make a dynamic pairing in this song. My only complaint is that it feels short.


Listen to “Gimme Sympathy” here!

4. Gimme Sympathy, by Metric. For a woman almost 40 now, Emily Haines and her band sound incredible. She has a great singing voice, completely untouched by auto tune. It’s a nice change. In case you haven’t heard of them, Metric is an indie Canadian rock band. Their album, Fantasies, is full of great Indie rock/New Wave songs. Check out this song, you will love it. It’s one of the first songs to get me into these genres.



Listen to “1980” here!

5. 1980, by Rehab. Rehab is a rock/rap band. This song is a long-time favorite of mine. Some of my favourite memories are of me and my best friend going through a phase where we’d sing it all the time. The rapping and beat are extremely catchy. Still haven’t gotten tired of it because of the memories it brings. If you like southern rock or hip hop, definitely listen to this song, and their album!


Got any songs you’d like me to give a listen? Leave a comment or contact me on Twitter!

Ciao, Shavonne